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EcoPlay Playgrounds at CAI, SE Florida

Come see the folks at EcoPlay Playgrounds to learn more about durable, sustainable, low-cost maintenance, custom playgrounds at the CAI-SEFL Expo. “Showcase the latest technologies, solutions, products and services in one convenient marketplace. Because face-to-face interaction with community decision-makers is an invaluable aspect of attending the conference, conflict-free exhibit hours enable you to consult one-on-one […]
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Do playgrounds sell?

A builder survey and EcoPlay customers have the same answer “Home-buyer preferences constantly evolve, making it a challenge to stay up to date on who wants what,“ states the National Association of Home Builders on its website. To find out which community amenities are the most sought after, NAHB surveyed 4,300 prospective homebuyers. The results didn’t […]
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How long should a playground last?

Steel or wood: maybe 15 years. EcoPlay plastic lumber: guaranteed for 50 years! Every playground needs occasional maintenance—some much more often, and much costlier, than others. In a nutshell, here’s what our customers tell us about their experiences with steel and wood playgrounds: Steel playgrounds need extensive, regular treatments to prevent and remove rust. Wood […]
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The playground decision: Why materials matter

Of all the factors decision-makers must consider when planning an organization’s playground, one of the most important is what materials are used in the playground’s structural components. Playground buyers will encounter bewildering terms, such as “fiber reinforced composite.” Let’s keep it simple. In essence, there are only three basic options to consider: steel, wood and […]
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How to evaluate a playground’s cost

Hint: It’s not the purchase price A playground’s cost is more than what you pay the supplier. That’s the acquisition cost, which is a poor gauge for evaluating playground proposals from competing bidders. When you evaluate vendor proposals, you want to calculate the cost of ownership over a long term, such as 30 years. Let’s […]
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