Do playgrounds sell?

July 25, 2017

A builder survey and EcoPlay customers have the same answer

“Home-buyer preferences constantly evolve, making it a challenge to stay up to date on who wants what,“ states the National Association of Home Builders on its website. To find out which community amenities are the most sought after, NAHB surveyed 4,300 prospective homebuyers.

The results didn’t surprise us:

  • Home buyers obviously love the outdoors; all age groups said they want homes with close proximity to parks and natural trails.
  • Millennials are especially fond of playgrounds.

The latter finding was interesting, because it dovetails with anecdotal evidence we constantly hear from EcoPlay customers. Some are developers of residential communities. Others are decision-makers for churches, military bases, schools and other organizations.

According to almost all of our customers, playgrounds are a key selling point in their sales pitches to prospective members, apartment renters, or home buyers.

Consider, for example, the playground experience of the Preschool at St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church in Kennesaw, Georgia. For 11 years, the preschool had been pouring time and money into a wooden playground. Maintenance was an ongoing nightmare.

In 2012, the preschool found funding to replace the old wooden playground. They chose a new structure, designed and built by EcoPlay Playgrounds, for its low maintenance needs and long life.

An intangible benefit has since emerged: The new playground is often the “icing on the cake” that raises eyebrows, young and old, when families first visit the preschool.

“The playground is the highlight of our tour for prospective customers,” said Karen Pickens, the preschool’s director. “It’s beautiful! It’s a great selling point for the parents, and the children want to play on it right away.”

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