Summerchase At Towne Lake,  Woodstock, Georgia

An old wooden playground structure at Summerchase At Towne Lake was in dire need of repair– a 208-home neighborhood in Cherokee County, GA – sought to replace. The property manager for the 208-home community decided replacement would be the more cost effective than repairing and maintaining the aging wooden structure.

After considering both metal and composite (recycled plastic) playground structures, the property manager opted for EcoPlay’s preferred material: recycled HDPE plastic (milk jugs). EcoPlay designed and installed a playground system featuring a 2-bay swing set, with bucket seats for younger children and strap seats for older children. Even before the playground was finished, “it was already generating positive response from people in the neighborhood,” said Jacob Brack of Douglas Property Management.

Summerchase-thumb-1 Summerchase-thumb-2

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